What song do you like to sing at the top of your lungs?

I don't do that, ever.

Finish the analogy: Man is to food as music is to ...

You cannot seriously be asking me to answer an SAT-style question right before finals.

What is your favorite song lyric, and from what song?

I just remembered this week how much I like the lyrics to "Hey Boy" by the Blow. The song's about why this boy hasn't called her: "A. You're gay / B. You've got a girlfriend / C. You kinda thought I came on too strong or / D. I just wasn't your thing / no ring." It's a good "Date Week" song, right? I'm trying to be relevant.

Why did you decide to become a DJ?

The summer before I came here, I was introduced to a guy who had just graduated—Adam Paltrineri '07—and had been on WBOR management. He told me to do it; otherwise I would have been too shy.

If you wrote a song entitled "Bowdoin College," give a lyric.

I would never do such a thing.

Favorite road trip song?

I usually listen to the whole "Disco Worship: Music for Meditative Dancing" mixtape by Claire Evans of YACHT.

What do Hannah Montana and Michael Jackson have in common?

I will never see either of them perform live.

What is your proudest moment as a DJ at Bowdoin?

Freshman year, my show was during the music directors' weekly meeting, and one time I put on a song and Audrey Chee '09, who I thought was really awesome and intimidating, started dancing to it a little out in the lobby.

Would you sing for Racer X if asked?

I would never be asked such a thing.

Favorite musical?

One time I got dumped by a guy and my roommate came back to find me crying, and then went to the video store looking for "Let the Right One In" and instead came back with "Were the World Mine," which is a musical about a gay high school student putting on "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and, against all odds, ending up with the school's quarterback. For some reason he thought it would cheer me up to see someone else having way more success with romance than me. What was the question?

What is your favorite poem? If it could be turned into a song, which artist would you like to have sing it?

There's this poem by Matthew Dickman called "The Slow Dance" that I really like for the lines: "I've hurt you. I've loved you. I've mowed / the front yard." I really like that. Maybe Owen Pallett would sing it. He pulls off a lot of silly lines.

Who is your favorite professor? If you could dedicate an album title to him/her, what would the title be?

My favorite professor is this imaginary professor I made up who exists in a parallel universe where everything goes my way. My friend wrote a song about him for me, and probably the album title would be "See You in Borneo, John."

If you could travel in a time machine to meet any artist from the past, who would you meet and why?

Did Benjamin Franklin play anything? I want to meet him. I bet he played the piano or something.

-Compiled by Mariya Ilyas.

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