What song do you like to hum?

I usually don't hum. I sing it out—unless I don't know the words...yep, you caught me. But still, I don't have just one song I like to sing.

What is your favorite song lyric, and from what song?

"It's better to have loved than not to love at all / Not trying is worse than to stumble and fall" from "Lions, Tigers, & Bears" by Jazmine Sullivan.

Which song would you have liked to sing with Billy Joel?

Can I use a lifeline? Umm, who is he again?

What do Adam Lambert and Akon have in common?

Their first names start with "A."

Would you ever audition for American Idol if given the chance?

Yes, but [I would] probably just hope to make it far enough to get exposure—not to win it. I do not want to be trapped in rigid contracts by the Idol bubble.

Dream date famous artist?

Trey Songz. He looks like he could be the perfect gentlemen and the most romantic, the one who would not mind giving me my red roses...(sigh).

If Racer-X asked you to join their band, would you?

Well, that would be honorable, but I think I will leave that to the veterans.

Favorite song on a road trip?

"You Rock My World" by Michael Jackson.

Who is your favorite Disney channel-turned-pop star?

Keke Palmer—well, she isn't a pop star so I guess Justin Timberlake. The Mickey Mouse Club counts, right?

Who is your favorite professor? If you could dedicate an album title to him/her, what would the title be?

Assistant Professor of English Mark Foster. I would dedicate "Mama's Gun" by Erykah Badu.

If you could write a song about your Bowdoin College experience, what would you title it? Give a lyric from that song.

Title: "Mercedes Benz." Lyrics would include "It's not about the luxury in the car / It's about the foreign yet high-class journey that is driving me to the stars."

What piece of music advice would you give Beyonce?

To do more callobos with people like, oh, let's just say me.

If animals could sing, which do you think would have the best voice?

Jackson 5 said it best: "rockin' robin tweet tweet."

What's the first concert you went to as a teenager?

I was at a Church Conference and saw MaryMary live. I guess the River Dancers would not count since they danced to music rather than sang it.

If you could meet any live musician or artist, who would you meet?

Alicia Keys. I feel like she has similar artist etiquette and charisma to mine. We would get along just fine. Can we say BFFs?!

-Compiled by Mariya Ilyas.

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