The administration has fallen silent on the incident of cultural appropriation that took place shortly before Winter Break at an off-campus party and developed into an embarrassing news story for the College, with dozens of news outlets reporting on it.

Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster and Jason Archbell, head coach of men’s lacrosse, both declined to comment for this story.

Ashmead White Director of Athletics Tim Ryan wrote in an email to the Orient that “the message conveyed by Dean Foster has been received across our campus community and we are all moving forward” before declining to comment further.

Ryan was referring to an email Foster sent to the student body on December 9 expressing his “frustration and disapproval of harmful behavior by students who should know better.” The full text of the email can be found on the Orient’s website. 

The email was written in response to “Cracksgiving,” a party thrown at 83 1/2 Harpswell Road—­a house rented by members of ­the men’s lacrosse team commonly known as Crack House. In spite of recent programs to educate the student body about the harmful nature of cultural appropriation, 14 members of the team dressed up as Native Americans at the party.

In the email. Foster wrote that “Bowdoin will not condone or tolerate behavior that divides our community and denigrates others, nor will we accept a plea of ignorance as license to avoid accountability.”

The College plans on taking disciplinary action against those who dressed up as Native Americans, according to Foster, who has not indicated what form this punishment will take.

Several members of the lacrosse team have recently decided not to return for the spring season, but there is no evidence linking their departure to this incident. The captains of the team refused to comment on both the party and the departure of their teammates.