On Wednesday, Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) unanimously voted to approve changes of the student government’s bylaws at its final meeting for the 2013-2014 academic year.

BSG’s bylaws govern the roles of the student representatives, regulate election procedures, and determine the structure of student government bodies such as the Student Organizations Oversight Committee.

Many of the changes are simply the movement of clauses from the body’s constitution to the bylaws. A newly added article has created more stringent rules regarding attendance for student representatives, setting a specific number of unexcused absences from the assembly before automatic expulsion.

Speaking as to why certain policies had been moved from the constitution to the bylaws, Vice President for Student Government Affairs Allen Wong Yu ’14 stated, “they are here that so when duties change as things arise it’s easier for us to fix them in the bylaws.” If BSG wants to make changes to its constitution, it requires the approval of two-thirds of the entire student body. Editing the bylaws only requires two successful two-thirds votes of BSG itself.

After all business was done, outgoing BSG President Sarah Nelson ’14 symbolically handed the gavel to BSG President-Elect Chris Breen ’15, who adjourned the meeting.