Special Advisor to the President for Philanthropy Kelly Kerner will leave the College to become vice president for development and alumni relations at the University of Georgia (UGA). 
Kerner came to Bowdoin from Bates in 2012 and served as senior vice president for development and alumni relations until Rick Ganong filled the role earlier this year. 

“This particular opportunity literally landed in my lap—I wasn’t expecting this kind of thing to come my way,” said Kerner. “It’s one of those opportunities that, when you’re in the role I’m in at a small liberal arts college, to get the opportunity to go work for a large, nationally-ranked public university...you really have to look carefully at it.”

In his new position at UGA, a school with 25,000 undergraduate students, Kerner’s job responsibilities will grown in size and scope. 

There are around 200 people in the development office at UGA compared to approximately 60 at Bowdoin. He will also have to adopt his strategy to raise money at a public institution.

“The University of Georgia is a very special place and its current president, President [Jere] Morehead, has charted a course for the University that I really want to be part of,” said Kerner.

As he prepares to move to Athens, Ga., Kerner looks back on his time at Bowdoin fondly. 

“The chance to work at Bowdoin was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me—a fantastic chance to work with a great leader like President Mills and to work with a fantastic staff that is professional and effective,” he said.

He will begin in his new position on July 1.