To the Editor,

I read with horror the article “BCF advisors refuse to sign policy, vacate role at College” in the Orient (February 14). First, the attack on religious freedom is picking up steam in American and now has landed full force at my alma mater. Second, the article is so deviously slanted against Rob and Sim Gregory that I must write to defend them. Are we really supposed to believe the monster from Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, should be used as any example, a connection or even anywhere in the same article as the exemplary Christian leaders Rob and Sim Gregory? Also, it is obvious that the Gregorys were effectively banned from their role and that they did not “vacate” their leadership at Bowdoin.No one from Bowdoin thought up a new document for people to sign just to protect the kids from the next Jerry Sandusky. Monsters like Sandusky would have signed the document!

Rather, they conjured up a way to get Christians off the campus. They knew that Rob and Sim Gregory could never sign it, as they have their Bible, not the director of “religious and spiritual life” for counsel.

Thank you Rob and Sim for bringing so many people to Christ. I only wish you both were at Bowdoin in leadership positions when I was a student!

The religious war on Christianity is picking up speed in America and we better get prepared to fight back.

Stephen P. Laffey ’84