ADVISORY WARNING: Shere Punjab, once the apple of the Foodie's eye, no longer offers the tasty Indian cuisine upon which the Foodie had come to depend. Recipes have been changed. While Chicken Mahkni, for example, used to be a rich brown color, it now is the color of sand. When last consuming the dish, the Foodie found her fork was like a fishing rod, bobbing for chicken bits in the overly thin, saucy concoction. Spice didn't complement but rather overwhelmed the dish. This was a tough one, but Shere Punjab, you're fired. Now hit the street.

Purged of this concern, the Foodie may now bring her attention to Star Fish Grill, a pricey seafood restaurant on Pleasant Street where she recently celebrated her entrance into the alcohol-consuming world. The Foodie prefers Star Fish to Brunswick's other upscale establishment, Henry & Marty, because it lacks pretension. Waiters bring food, not attitude, to the table.

Though the view of the street is not, in fact, "pleasant," Star Fish's spacious setting transports diners to the seaside. Deep blue walls, napkins, and tableware not only prepare Star Fish diners for a sea-themed meal but also promote a calming atmosphere ideal for chatting. Noise volume was low but not hushed, so the Foodie could hear her friends talk but also felt comfortable emitting the occasional guffaw.

The Foodie's visit to Star Fish was special not only because she could eat well-prepared seafood, but also because she could finally have wine! Unsure of which variety to order, the Foodie stared at Star Fish's extensive wine list in wonder. She ultimately consulted the friendly waiter, who suggested a full-bodied Argentinian red. Adulthood at last! In the Foodie's imagination, the waiter then pinned a shining merit badge to her lapel.

The Foodie and Foodie Friends had extreme difficulty deciding among the numerous menu options. Their hunger prompted them, however, to decide upon crabcakes, mussels, curried tuna skewers, grilled Maine lobster, and a chicken and field greens salad.

Crunchy crushed peanuts sprinkled over the tuna skewers, a special of the evening, were a perfect complement to the tuna's spicy curry sauce. Two Foodie Friends praised the light and flavorful crabcakes, while another Friend excavated the steamed mussles from their shells with gusto. The Foodie was particularly pleased with her very spicy sweet potato and chipotle soup, also a special of the evening. The Foodie and all Friends enjoyed the Mediterranean olives, which were knife-slashed to allow them to fully absorb their citrus marinade.

For dessert, Foodie and Friends shared three desserts. The liqueur-drenched grapefruit sorbet, mango cheesecake, and blueberry bread pudding were, to Foodie and Friends' delight, only slightly sweet.

Star Fish Grill is not a weekly destination for most because of its high-priced dishes (entrée prices range from $15-$24). The restaurant is perfect, however, for special occasions when one wants to sample Maine's finest local seafood without having to wear a bib.