In addition to the recent launch of “Chipotle Friday,” another entrepreneurial business on campus has been gaining popularity since its start in January.

Gab Renaud ’16 has recently launched Luigi Laundry, a laundry pick up and delivery service.
“One night my roommate and I—well, actually, he pretty much gave me the idea,” said Renaud, referring to his roommate Monty Barker ’16, an owner of the Campus Food Truck.

“I thought it was a great idea,” said Renaud. “I think that there’s definitely a demand for that—maybe for people who don’t have close laundry machines like at Pine or Harpswell [or] off-campus [houses].”

Luigi Laundry offers same-day delivery for $15 and two-day delivery for $13. 
The service includes washing, drying, folding and the price of soap.

“I give you a Luigi Laundry bag. Whatever you can fit in the bag you put in, then you leave it at your door,” said Renaud.

Renaud washes and dries the laundry orders at Mr. Suds on Chamberlain Avenue so that he can operate numerous machines at once and so that he doesn’t “get in trouble with the school” by using the College’s machines.

Renaud has started small, only servicing two clients so far, but said that “if the demand came, I can expand.” Orders can be taken by phone or on the Luigi Laundry Facebook page.
Renaud has one important caveat for his laundering service: it services men only.

“Girls have more dry cleaning items,” Renaud explained. “They have things to fold in a certain way and I just don’t really have the knowledge of girls’ clothes right now. I just think guys clothes are more simple.”