At its Wednesday meeting, Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) continued the previous week’s debate on the future of BSG-sponsored break shuttle services. 

After receiving complaints about the increase in the price of shuttle services following last semester’s switch in service provider—from Brunswick Taxi to Mermaid Transportation—BSG’s Facilities Committee spent the last two weeks exploring potential cost-saving options. 

Vice President for Facilities David Levine ’16 offered more details on a possible shuttle alternative. Rather than coordinating shuttle services through an independent company, BSG would charter, pay for, and organize the shuttle rides, and—provided enough students take advantage of the service—charge a lower price than Mermaid Transport. The shuttles would run at fixed times, every two hours from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

In opening debate on the subject, BSG President Sarah Nelson ’14 asked assembly members to judge whether a drop in shuttle price is worth the loss of convenience. She noted that the hypothetical BSG chartered shuttles would run for fewer days than the current service, and unlike Mermaid, would not be able to offer free rides back to campus in the case of flight cancellations. 
Nelson also noted that BSG stopped initially coordinating Brunswick Taxi rides in order to streamline the process and take the burden off of the VP for Facilities. 

Yet other assembly members focused on the student cost rather than the inconvenience to BSG. Vice President for the Treasury Megan Massa ’14 said that some students she knew had decided to split the cost of Brunswick Taxi rides rather than take Mermaid Transportation, a move that defeats the purpose of the original change. 

For a second week in a row, the debate was inconclusive, but Levine pledged to have a motion for the committee by the next meeting. 

Vice President for Student Affairs Robo Tavel ’16 announced that the next Uncommon Hour will be a talk by Professor Jean Yarbrough on Friday, February 14th. 

In fitting with the theme of Valentine’s Day, the talk will be titled Love (Not Quite) Actually: What Socrates Has to Say About Eros. 

The talk will be held at 12:15 p.m. in Moulton Union’s Main Lounge.