One hundred and forty-seven students applied for positions on the staff of the Office of Residential Life (ResLife) for the 2014-2015 school year. This year’s applicant pool is the largest to date. 

Of the 147 applications, 109 are first-time applicants, and 38 are current or former members of the ResLife staff.

“We’re generally right around 140 [applications] or right below, so this is a few more than we usually have,” said Mike Felton, associate director of residential education.

There was no data on the breakdown between applications for first-year proctor, house proctor or RA positions. On the application, students merely indicate if they have a preference and the office doesn’t present those preferences right now, according to Felton.

The application process hasn’t changed from last year. It still consists of an online application that was due January 22 for students reapplying and January 29 for new applicants, as well as an interview with members of the ResLife staff. The interviews will take place throughout February and will be conducted by different members of the Office of ResLife, including some of the 28 students on the staff graduating this spring. Other faculty members not affiliated with ResLife will also assist in the interviews. 

“This is a very busy time of year for us,” said Felton. “You have all the interviews going on, as well as all the other regular ResLife stuff, but it’s also one of the most fun because we’re building the team for next year.”

When asked why the number of applications was so high this year, Felton said there was no clear-cut reason. He indicated that the current staff might have influenced the increase in applications.

“When students see what our staff do and who they are, that’s the biggest draw to our staff,” he said.

Other students said that they were attracted to applying because they want to help first years adjust to life at Bowdoin. 

“It’s not easy to come to a new environment where you don’t really know anybody and just have to start making friends right away,” said Diamond Walker ’17, a first-time applicant. “You feel that you have to have this ‘fantasy life’ but as a proctor or an RA you get to show [first years] what it’s really like here.”

Applicants will find out before Spring Break whether or not they are offered a position on staff.