Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) discussed proposed changes for club sport funding but did not hold any votes in their meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting began with Meadow Davis, the associate director of student affairs and advisor to the student sexual misconduct board, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Lesley Levy and Judicial Board Chair Chelsea Shaffer ’14, answering questions from BSG about the yearly report by the Judicial Board.

This part of the meeting was held in executive session; all nonvoting members of BSG and the Orient were asked to leave for the duration of the session. 

“Executive sessions only happen when we’re talking about anything confidential...when we want to have a very candid discussion and we want it to remain within these four walls,” said BSG President Sarah Nelson ’14.

Nelson clarified that no information regarding the Judicial Board report was shared with the BSG that is not available to the general student body. 

The second item of business addressed proposed changes to the guidelines used by the Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) when funding student-organized clubs. Vice President of the Treasury and Chair of the SAFC Megan Massa ’14 led the discussion. 

Proposed changes to these guidelines include the removal of the requirement for clubs with coaches to collect dues from members totaling 15 percent of a club’s budget, adding a cap on how much club-sponsored banquets can cost per person, stating that the SAFC will no longer be funding prizes,  and clarifying that students cannot miss classes for SAFC funded events. The changes will be voted on in next week’s session.

The third major item discussed was changes to the shuttle service to Freeport and Portland. This year, more records are kept than in previous years of who rides the shuttles and when, and this information is being used to adjust budgeting and frequency of the service accordingly. 

Finally, Nelson shared her thoughts on the bias incidents recently disclosed to the community.
Nelson, along with Vice President for Student Affairs Robo Tavel ’16 and Laurel Varnell ’14, representative for the Class of 2014, will be meeting with the Deans later in the week to discuss an appropriate campus response to the incidents.