Ninety-nine percent of students approve of Bowdoin Dining Service, according to the Orient’s approval ratings survey. The faculty and the College also tracked well, earning the approval of 97 and 96 percent of respondents, respectively. 

There were 310 respondents to the poll, which is conducted each semester to track student opinions of notable departments, organizations and individuals in the Bowdoin community, ranging from Student Affairs to Information Technology to the College House System. President Mills, who has polled well historically, received an approval rating of 94 percent of respondents. 

“Barry Mills is the heart of the College,” said a student respondent. “This college is in good hands.”
The Brunswick Police Department has consistently been among the least popular groups in the survey and had the second lowest approval rating of all organizations and individuals with 71 percent approval.

Compared to figures from this time last year, approval of the Office of Safety and Security fell by five percentage points to 91 percent.

Approval for the Office of Residential Life increased by two percent to 87, while approval for the Department of Athletics decreased by 3 percentage points to 76 percent.

The Registrar fell on the low end, receiving 77 percent approval, with comments calling for online course registration and the elimination of Bearings.

The Health Center had the lowest approval rating, garnering the support of 69 percent of respondents.
“Almost all the employees at the Bowdoin Health Center are very nice, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful—when you can get in to see them,” said one respondent commented. “The method of making an appointment at the health center [is] often difficult and I have seen them ask people to come back in a couple days when they are having medical difficulties that should warrant immediate attention.”    

The approval ratings for Bowdoin Student Government (BSG)  increased by six percentage points to 82 percent.

The Career Planning Center (CPC) received 76 percent approval, the same percentage it received last fall. However, the CPC’s approval rating declined sharply last spring, falling to 58 percent.