In a long line at the pub, call in and order over the phone to jump the line.

When entering the Coles Tower elevator lobby, use the left door; way faster.

Get on a course's waiting list before the course cards are even out.

The café gives out free leftover food in Smith Union late at night.

Ask for a coffee card at the Café—get it stamped every time you buy a coffee and every sixth coffee is free.

Download the Bowdoin Dining app.

BSG sponsors free Brunswick Taxi rides every weekend night.

We have a radio station, WBOR 91.1 FM.

The water fountain on the second floor of HL (in the staircase) is the best on campus.

If you check out a reserve book an hour before closing, the remaining hour pushes into the next day, so you turn two hours into ten.

Bowdoin has two woodworking shops.

Befriend the shuttle drivers.

And the housekeeping and dining staff.

It’s nearly impossible to get transported by drinking beer.

If you’re trying to get into a high-demand class, declare a temporary minor in that subject to get priority.

Make your periods 14-point to instantly lengthen any essay.

Social houses and first year bricks are good places for upperclassmen to steal household essentials (trash bags, toilet paper, etc.).

Thanksgiving dinner: a) don’t miss it b) arrive very early or very late—the food will still be there. And all three lines lead to the same spread.

There is only one easy way to get out of the Reed basement, so don’t descend on a crowded night unless you’re prepared to stay down there for a bit.

Studzinski is not just for music majors.

When applying to social houses, check the box on the application.

Use the computers in the basement of HL, but print upstairs.

Buying Bean Boots, or the equivalent, is a worthwhile investment.

If you have Verizon and live in West or Osher, you’ll only get reception near the outer walls.

Use your OneCard downtown: Domino's Pizza, Aki Sushi and Hibachi, Big Top Delicatessen, Flipside Pizza, Henry and Marty Restaurant, Joshua's Restaurant and Tavern, and Wild Oats Bakery and Café.

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