What is your favorite song lyric, and from what song?

Tom Peabody: "I don't sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death" from "NY State of Mind" by Nas.

Ben Kekeisen: "From bricks to billboards, grams to Grammys" from "Dirt off your Shoulder" by Jay Z.

Fill in the following with nouns: "Do you ever feel like ____ / Drifting through the ____ / Wanting to start again."

Both: A Bowdoin College Student DJ / interview questions.

If you could meet any live musician or artist, who would you meet and why?

TP: The Neeks, for fairly obvious reasons.

BK: Jay Z, because he's been on top of the game, "still spending money from '88."

If Mount Rushmore featured the best four artists of all time instead of U.S. Presidents, who would they be?

Both: Big L, Biggie, Eminem and Fred Durst.

Why did you decide to do a DJ show together?

Both: We're both phenomenal human beings, and we wanted to enlighten the masses through face-melting beats.

What do you think will be the major music trends in the year 3000?

Both: Animal Noise Dubstep. No question.

What song do you like to hum?

Both: "Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby, baby I love you," by "Sweet Baby."

Best song written in the past decade?

Both: "Chocolate Starfish" and the "Hot Dog Flavored Water" by Limp Bizkit. So what if it's nineties, they're timeless.

Who inspires you? If you could dedicate an album title to him/her, what would the title be?

Both: Adam Matula, he's a real bitchin' dude. Album title would probably be "I need a favor, Earl" or "Crazy Safe."

What is the best musical instrument ever invented in your opinion?

TP: Fluegelhorn.

BK: Jazz Flute.

If you could replace one of the Ivies bands for this year, who would you replace it with?

Both: Sweet Baby. The lead singer has got some pipes.

What's the first concert you went to as a teenager with your friends?

TP: Wilco.

BK: Citizen Cope.

If you could form a band together in the future, what would you call it?

Both: Liquid Courage.

If only one could survive, which would you spare: earth, or humanity?

Both: Humanity. Clearly.

What piece of music advice would you give Rebecca Black?

TP: I would not speak to Rebecca Black.

BK: Keep putting out songs. World domination by 2012.

If you wrote a song called "The Polar Bear Years," give a lyric from it.

TP: Well, it's not exactly written yet, but it would probably be pretty heavy on the words "the" and "and." And bass.

BK: This ain't Lewiston, this is as real as it gets, it's the polar bear years don't you ever forget.

Greatest artist of all time?

TP: Monet.

BK: Picasso.

Which song would you rename? What would the new title be?

Both: "Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby, baby I love you," by Sweet Baby. We would re-title it "Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation."

In 100 years, how would you like people to remember you?

Both: As we lived: Bo$$es.

-Compiled by Mariya Ilyas.

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