We all have our days of feeling tired, under-nourished and simply under the weather. Amid the crankiness, canker sores and chapped lips (note my last column for a few tips on that one), it seems nearly impossible to feel good sometimes.

I am a firm believer in the healing powers of delightfully quick ways to look and ultimately feel rejuvenated. The following tips are some practical measures you can take to proactively establish the direction of your day before it even begins.

Wearing or seeing wrinkled clothing never fails to crease my mood. Wrinkled garb not only looks dirty, but also explicitly displays how disheveled and unkempt you feel inwardly. Maximize your vertical closet and wardrobe space. Hang as many items as you possibly can, leaving only underwear, sweats, gym clothes, etc., to be folded in drawers.

Wrinkled clothing is nine times out of 10 a product of the highly problematic stuffing technique. I hang all of my pants in overlapping pairs in order to prevent unwanted wrinkling. The crisper your clothes, the sharper you will look and feel.

For all of us ladies—wear jewelry. Earrings in particular! (Clip-ons are fine too, for those without pierced ears). Earrings serve as an additional focal point, detracting from the bags under your eyes or the pallor of your skin. Opt for bolder statement pieces, like pearls or something colorful, as they will brighten your countenance and contribute to the illusion of a fresher face.

Also, it is worth investing in versatile rings that serve a fairly neutral purpose, neither dressing up nor dressing down an outfit. I have a stack of thin silver rings, including one with a tiny pearl, which I often wear on my index finger. We look at our hands more than any other part of our body, so seeing a little shine and glitz can help brighten our day.

Keep moisturized. Lotion softens, relaxes and moisturizes skin. Lather on the lotion before going to bed, even if it is only for a few hours, and you'll wake up feeling fresher than you did the night before. Lotion may seem like an indulgence when you barely have time to scarf down an express meal or skim readings for class, but I guarantee that a daily lathering of lotion will not only provide you with an immediate sensation of smoothness, but also will serve as a preventative measure for embarrassingly cracked skin come time for Ivies Weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for shorts and sundress weather.

Along that same vein, your hair can use a daily dose of Moroccanoil, which claims to revive, strengthen and condition. This magical serum can be finger-combed through your hair as you walk out the door. Typically, I don't like putting any gunk in my hair, but applying a small drop or two of Moroccanoil to your locks adds a noticeable sheen, rather than a greasy coating, after only a few days of daily application. Maintaining beautiful hair is an incredibly simple yet effective way to exude a finished, polished look.