Favorite song from Spring Break?

Marissa Rosenthal: "Sublimation Hour" by Destroyer.

Molly Medrano: "Jackie Wants a Black Eye" by Dr. Dog or "Animals" by Baths.

What is your favorite song lyric, and from what song?

MR: "I've been rapping for about seventeen years, okay? / I don't write my stuff anymore / I just kick it from my head / You know what I'm sayin? / I can do that / No disrespect / That's just how I am" from "Seventeen Years" by Ratatat.

MM: My favorite song lyric is constantly changing. I think today it would be. "We're restless that's why we keep on moving / not empty because of our young dream / we'll live forever" from "Young Dreams."

If you could meet any live musician or artist, who would you meet and why?

MR: Stephen Malkmus. He's just incredible.

MM: I would want to meet Terry Riley. He pioneered the Minimalist music movement. He creates beautiful cosmic orchestrations. Terry Riley is quite a radical artist.

Why did you decide to do a DJ show together?

MR: It's kind of funny, because Molly and I had this thing where we used to just play music together from 2-3 p.m. on Saturdays, and at least now when we do it at WBOR, we get free music.

MM: We had discovered a similar taste in people, music and amateur B&W photography.

Best song written in the past decade?

MR: "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" by Das Racist.

MM: I have no idea. There have been many best songs written in the past decade.

Who inspires you? If you could dedicate an album title to him/her, what would the title be?

MR: Sting. I don't really listen to his music, but the fact that he's been making it so long, I respect that.

MM: My mother, Bonnie Rideout inspires me. She is a very successful Scottish fiddler and has significantly influenced my passion for music. I would call the album "Ms. Frizzle."

What is the best musical instrument ever invented in your opinion?

MR: The kazoo; it's used to perfection in Lykke Li's "Dance Dance Dance."

MM: The Cello! It can bring me to tears...Bach's Cello Suites...

What song do you like to hum?

MR: "Marathon" by Tennis. This song is dangerously cute, perhaps too cute for its own good. But still hummable.

MM: "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5.

What piece of music advice would you give Kayne West?

MR: No more 808s, no more heartbreak.

MM: Go climb a mountain. Yes, that is music advice.

If you wrote a song called "The Worst College Assignment," give a lyric from it.

MM: Goodness, I don't think I would title a song "The Worst College Assignment."

Name a song you love but do not know all the lyrics.

MM: "To Zion" by Lauryn Hill.

What's the first concert you went to as a teenager with your friends?

MR: Coachella.

MM: Coldplay. Wow.

-Compiled by Mariya Ilyas.

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