Top study break song?

Caitlin McCarty: "Lost in the Music" by D.P. It's really an anytime song.

Casey Brust: "Glaciers-Her Majesty & The Wolves" by Roksonix Remix.

What is your favorite song lyric, and from what song?

CM: "More than begin but less than forget / less than forget but more than begun" from "Adventures in Solitude" by The New Pornographers.

CB: "You probably wanna know what planet we on/Can't help if I see everything in neon" from "ADD SUV" by Uffie ft. Pharrell.

If you could meet any live musician or artist, who would you meet and why?

CM: Joanna Newsom. I'm not a big fan of the voice, but I'd love to see her play the harp. I also heard she has an electric harp.

CB: Joan Jett because I just watched "The Runaways."

Why did you decide to become a DJ?

CM: I play music when I do everything. It seemed like a fun way to spend an hour and sort of a quintessential college thing to do before graduation.

CB: Being a DJ seemed like a productive way to be doing the same thing Caitlin and I would be doing anyways in my room.

If animals could sing, which do you think would have the worst voice?

CM: Monkeys.

CB: Sheep.

Would you ever join a garage band?

CM: I've always wished I were a more talented singer. If I were, yes.

CB: Yes. But I would have to learn the drums before that.

What song would you dedicate to your favorite Bowdoin professor?

CM: "Take on Me" by A-Ha for my (mostly) secret professor crush.

CB: "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus.

What would you wear to a '70s music concert?

CM: Probably some bellbottoms and some flowers in my hair.

CB: Nothing. Just kidding.

Best hip-hop song written in the past decade?

CM: "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg.

CB: "Acid Raindrops" by People Under the Stairs.

Which song would you have liked to sing with Back Street Boys?

CM: "Larger than Life."

CB: "The Call."

What is the best musical instrument ever invented in your opinion?

CM: Harp. It can do everything a piano can do but has a more vibrant sound because you pluck the strings directly.

CB: The harp. Watching Caitlin play the harp is one of my favorite things to do at Bowdoin. But I also really like how the English horn sounds.

How would you describe Billy Joel in three words to someone who has never heard of him?

CM: Talented piano man.

CB: Fire fighting man. I tried to copy Caitlin's idea. It didn't work as well.

What song do you like to hum?

CM: "Take a Minute" by K'Naan.

CB: "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega.

What piece of music advice would you give Taylor Swift?

CM: I'd like to hear a collaboration with Katie Herzig. Or Lily Allen.

CB: Keep singing and writing songs when you are older, even if you are no longer a popular musician. I think you are very capable of capturing specific feelings of high school hopefulness, and I can't wait until you write more mature lyrics.

Name a song to which you do not know all the lyrics.

CM: "Who dat Joli Garcon?" by Mashup Germany. But still a really good party song.

CB: "Sommar" by Fronda.

If you wrote a song called "My College Years," give a lyric from it.

CM: "staying up late is alright / when you've got pizza every night / partying or study time / pizza saves us in a bind."

CB: "looking at my kingdom, sitting in the tower / not changing outta sweats for about an hour."

What's the first concert you went to as a teenager with your friends?

CM: O*Town in the sixth grade.

CB: A Kiss concert in seventh or eighth grade.

-Compiled by Mariya Ilyas.

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