The Office of Safety and Security recently recovered a television stolen from MacMillan House on May 29 of last year, according to Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols.

"The [television] theft occurred...on commencement day [2010] but it wasn't reported to us until August 31 when students returned and noticed the television set was missing from the storage room," said Nichols. "The television, a Sony Bravia 46-inch LCD HD flat screen television, is now back at Mac House. The value of the TV is approximately $1,000 and we were able to recover it in good condition."

Nichols revealed that along with retrieving the television, Security also managed to identify the person responsible.

"I can tell you that the person is a current student, [but] I cannot say who the person is," he said. "The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs has the investigation report and it's in their hands at this time."

While this case is now concluded, however, the investigations into the recent thefts at Coles Tower and the break-in at MacMillan continue. Nichols did not comment on how the investigations were going, but he did state that Security would not give up until both matters were resolved.

"We never close a case that may be able to be resolved at some future date, so we'll just continue to work on them along with other cases that come up," said Nichols.

"We never give up, and sometimes, like in this case here, it's many months before we're able to resolve it," he added. "Often, we're able to be successful."