At some point last Friday, a room on the 13th floor of Coles Tower was broken into.

"There was a small amount of cash taken from a bedroom," said Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols. He confirmed that there was no sign of forced entry, and when asked about possible suspects, he said, "We've been investigating this series of thefts all this week...we're making some progress."

The other thefts in the series that Nichols referred to have taken place over the last month and a half. The thefts began with a break-in at MacMillan House on December 28, during which several rooms were forced open and a few items belonging to residents were stolen, including an expensive watch, $20 and old prescription medication.

The next two thefts both occurred in Coles Tower, on February 1 and February 7 or 8. The thieves stole cash, prescription drugs and birth control, and damaged several condoms.

In addition to these thefts, an iPod and several articles of clothing were stolen on January 24 or 25 from the Textbook Center in the basement of the Tower.

Security has yet to determine if any of these thefts are related.