Waders. Galoshes. Wellies. Rain boots have many names, but only one wearer: females.

Girls are able to stay protected from the drizzles and downpours, while guys remain vulnerable to the wetness because rain boots have become a solely female phenomenon. Just as cross-body bags have slowly shifted from being a feminine accessory to a co-ed phenomenon, and baggy "boyfriend" jeans have entered into the female wardrobe, the same gender neutralization can happen with rain boots.

Rain boots are by far the most practical fad I have seen in the last few years. The fact that simple, monochromatic rubber boots are currently trendy is a telltale sign that pragmatism is not dead yet. Rain boots are not only a staple in your closet that can be worn with countless different outfits, but they can also be an opportunity to engage in a simple form of self-expression.

My friend has a pair from Dylan's Candy Bar, which, as you can imagine, is a collage of different kinds of candy, producing bursts of color and fun. Others have polka dots, which convey a kind of playful simplicity. I've seen boots with a frog print, googly eyes and all, which can display your youthful, cutesy side. There are even rain boots with wedges for those adamant about dressing effeminately despite harsh weather conditions.

However, rain boots should not be limited to females alone. Their versatility and practicality have been unjustifiably concealed to the other half of the human population for too long. The diverse options of pattern, height and style present both sexes with innumerable choices.

And not only are rain boots ideal for rainy weather, but several brands have created functional fleece or faux fur-lined boots that can be worn in the snow. If guys feel self-conscious about baring too much of the boot, pants can be left untucked. This problem can be avoided with the purchase of a shorter boot that reaches mid-calf. Without even having to tuck in your pants, the pant will fall into loose folds inside and atop the rain boot, just as they do with the ever-popular L.L. Bean boot.

Rain boots are available for any budget. They start at a reasonable $10 and can reach up to $500 for designer pairs. Whether you are out to make a fashion statement, just want to keep your feet warm and dry, or both, rain boots are worth the investment. Most have foot beds that offer support for the sole and the spaciousness inside the trunk of the boot allows you to layer on socks in cold weather.

De-stigmatize rain boots as a useless commodity; once you snag a pair, the pathway to Thorne post-monsoon will no longer be an impossible trek to make! Take the leap forward and make rain boots unisex.

If I have left any guys unconvinced still, let me return to addressing gender stereotypes. Rain boots do not emasculate; rather, they embody manliness, durability, strength and sturdiness.

Instead of trying to change something beyond our control, let's change our outlook. We have not only decided to enroll at Bowdoin College, but everything that comes with it. Whether we like it or not, rain comes with the territory. So pull yourself up by your (rain) bootstraps and start chanting. Rain, rain, here to stay!