Minutes past midnight on Sunday, April 18, the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) responded to a neighborhood noise complaint at 10 Cleaveland Street.

Police officers arrived at the College-owned apartments in response to the complaint, where they found Bowdoin Security addressing the aftermath of an altercation.

According to Chief of Police Richard Rizzo, "It was one fellow, a Bowdoin student, at least brandishing a knife of some sort."

BPD did not release the identities of those involved.

The BPD reported that there were no arrests made, and that there is an ongoing investigation into the incident.

"The incident was reported as an assault at 25 minutes past midnight. Somebody was transferred to Parkview hospital by Brunswick Rescue," said BPD Commander Kevin Schofield. No report was made on the nature or cause of the injuries.

The official public police report filed that evening confirmed that there was a knife involved in the altercation.

"I know the College is dealing with it administratively," said Rizzo. "But we're dealing with it in the criminal aspect."

In an official statement released to the Orient on Wednesday afternoon, Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Scott Hood noted that the College conducted an investigation of the incident and provided a report to the Dean of Student Affairs.

"As a result, the student involved in the incident is no longer enrolled at the College and the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is continuing to investigate the matter," said Hood.

Hood declined to identify the student.