The Bowdoin Daily Sun, a new daily blog of College news and features hit the Web on Wednesday.

"[The Daily Sun] was my idea. I read a number of blogs every day," President Barry Mills said. "These blogs give me interesting information about what's going on in the world."

"I may have had a unique idea," Mills added. "I don't know any other colleges that have done this."

Mills explained that "people today lead busy lives" and in order to reach them, he formed an idea to "put something together on a daily basis that will interest, inform, and entertain and allow people to stay more connected to the College."

Mills said that the Office of Communications and Public Affairs will manage the blog.

The Daily Sun ( includes sections such as "Bowdoin in the World," "Bowdoin Reads," the athletic schedule and scoreboard, and local weather.

According to a community-wide e-mail Mills sent on Wednesday, The Bowdoin Daily Sun will also feature a weekly reflection "on some subject important to the College or interesting to me."

Mills compared the format and style of The Bowdoin Daily Sun to The Huffington Post or The Daily Beast.

"It's a compilation of stories about Bowdoin—short and compelling stories from other places that we think people want to read," said Mills.

"The Bowdoin Daily Sun" will complement the information-packed Bowdoin Web site, according to Mills.

"I think that in today's world, the Web site is becoming like the college catalog. It's something people refer to when they need information. And so if they are looking for info about a specific academic department or what admissions is about, people go to the Web site."

Though The Bowdoin Daily Sun will allow members of the Bowdoin community to connect and reconnect, Mills expressed his concern over the amount of participation The Bowdoin Daily Sun will allow.

"We've invited people to write us about what they think we should be talking about," said Mills. One of the things I am a little concerned about is that I get many, many e-mails from alumni, parents, and friends everyday and I try to respond to all of them."

Though Mills is open to feedback and constructive criticism, he said he fears that he will not be able to provide personal responses to all.

"By expressing some views on this blog, I'm going to get a lot of comments back. I won't be able to respond to each of those comments in a personal way and I don't want to slight anyone, but I have another job other than being a blogger. I can't spend all day responding to people so I hope that people will be understanding," said Mills.

Mills anticipates that The Bowdoin Daily Sun will be a successful way to provide a network for all members of the Bowdoin community to maintain a relationship with the College.

"I've tried this idea on friends of mine—they think it's a good concept. For better or for worse, the concept was mine," Mills said. "If it doesn't work, we'll stop. If people have suggestions on how to improve it, we'll do it."