Guest speakers Sarah Pritzker '11 from Sustainable Bowdoin and Program Advisor Megan Brunmier from the Student Activities Entertainment Board (E-Board) spoke to the Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) at its first meeting of the semester on Wednesday. BSG also voted on two proposals and passed the spring budget.

Pritzker made a presentation about Sustainable Bowdoin's new Web site, the "Building Dashboard," which graphically displays and compares the energy consumption of 35 buildings on campus.

"It's a tool for both students to understand energy consumption and very important tool for Facilities Management in terms of understanding patterns of energy consumption on campus," said Pritzker. "If something goes wrong on campus and a machine is consuming too much energy, they can see this error right away and act to fix it sooner."

"People can see firsthand their energy consumption in a very graphic, understandable way," said Pritzker. "I think this is important because understanding our energy use is the first step to reducing it."

Brunmier's presentation also introduced a new Web site, a "more thorough, more long-lasting E-Board Web site." The Web site, which is expected to be available on February 13, allows the entire student body to obtain information about the venues and tickets of upcoming events, browse through pictures and descriptions of past events, participate in interactive polls, write blogs, comment on reviews, and even create personal profiles.

"We intend to establish a culture of support for artists that have been successful at Bowdoin—Fanny Pak is an example," said Brunmier.

In an effort to gain more student feedback and find out student opinion about the E-Board and its projects, the E-Board committee sent out a campus-wide survey last semester, which was "incredibly successful," according to Brunmier. A total of 984 students responded.

"We read all of them [responses]," Brunmier said. "We had a very long meeting to figure out what those responses meant." Those discussions led to the decisions regarding Ivies, resulting in bids for Reel Big Fish and the Cool Kids.

Additionally, the concern about making the E-Board more accessible by having more members was also brought up. Currently, there are 15 members on the E-Board, two of them abroad.

"I think where we are now is how to balance the necessity of small, accessible, quick-moving board that is available to everyone," said Brunmier. "The Board needs people that are incredibly committed."

A recommendation to have a member of WBOR on E-Board was proposed by Vice President for Academic Affairs Bryce Spalding '10.

After the guest speakers, BSG approved two proposals and a total budget of $29,549.55 for the spring semester.

BSG unanimously voted to allocate $4,750 for the continuation of the Shuttle Service and Night Taxi. Additionally, $750 was allocated to the Facilities Committee to purchase movie tickets for sale at a reduced rate to the student body.

Before adjourning, Vice President of BSG Affairs Anidrudh Sreekrishnan '12 reported that a total of 80 water bottles were purchased from the Bowdoin Book Store as a result of the BSG discount coupons given out towards the end of fall semester.

President of BSG Mike Dooley '10 ended the meeting by addressing the issue of gender-neutral housing and alcohol poisoning. In just two weekends, there have been four student alcohol transports to the hospital. In an average semester, around eight to 10 students are sent to the hospital.

"I'm not sure what's going on," he said. "It's happening and we're letting it happen."

"We are a close community, and it is irresponsible to not be watching out for the people around you," said Dooley. "Let's stay safe this weekend."