To the Editors:

Over the past four years, I've eaten some incredible meals here (particularly Thorne's Buffalo Chicken Burger and Moulton's Tostadas) and had the opportunity to work and learn with Dining Service in two capacities: As a display cook in Thorne, I've seen how things work behind the scenes and I cannot imagine a more talented and dedicated staff than the one we have here. This view is only enhanced by the interactions I've had with Dining Service as a leader of Food Forward and executive chef of Taste for Change.

In 2006, we set up Bowdoin's Food Recovery program which sends all unserved food from the dining halls to the MidCoast Hunger Prevention Program. Dining Service takes care of all major aspects of this program like storing and logging food donations and providing reusable containers to transport the food in. Finally, Dining Service staff members have helped me out in unimaginable ways every month for Taste for Change dinners. They've helped me develop menus for upwards of 50 guests, cooked 20 pounds of pasta during the dinner rush because I forgot to get the water boiling at Ladd, steamed 50 lobsters for me in Thorne simply to make my job easier, and didn't give me too hard of a time when I ironically presided over a kitchen fire.

To the entire Dining Service crew: thank you for everything you've done for Food Forward. You have made it possible for us to raise over $5,000 for community change and recover about 10 tons of food. Most importantly, thank you for cooking us such great food (particularly after Ivies week).

Ian Yaffe '09