Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) met Wednesday to vote on a funding request for subsidized movie tickets, which was approved, and to address budget and housing questions.

BSG originally budgeted $1,100 for subsidized tickets, but that fund ran dry earlier this month due to the popularity of the program.

Vice President for Facilities Mike Dooley '10 announced a funding proposal that would allow BSG to continue subsidizing movie tickets to students.

"We are not raising prices because everyone thought that would be a bad idea," Dooley said. "Though we have gone through the allocated amount, [we were] alerted to some extra funding in the budget."

Vice President for BSG Affairs John Connolly '11 explained that the extra money came from several sources.

"Our facilities charges for meeting setup has been down, since we have no longer [been meeting in Daggett Lounge], and have been setting up for ourselves," he said. "We are also no longer paying a Webmaster; we allocated $800 for that."

Connolly said that since BSG saved in these areas as well as others, "we still have some money left in the programming budget."

The body voted unanimously in favor of the funding proposal, which allocates an additional $700 for the purchase of movie tickets.

BSG Treasurer Ugo Egbunike '09 reported that the Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) was financially well-positioned, and that the committee was working to make its system more efficient. He said that campus organizations had requested around $500,000 for their operating budgets and that SAFC doled out nearly $400,000.

"I would say that this is pretty on par with last year," he said. "Our goal is to have an electronic system for the SAFC by the end of this year, so that the whole process can be more streamlined."

With representatives from the Office of Residential Life meeting with BSG next week to discuss co-ed housing, BSG President Sophia Seifert '09 requested that the body brainstorm questions in advance.

"It's a good favor to them because it lets them know what our interests are," she said.

At-Large Representative Nyle Usmani '12 said he wondered whether Residential Life thinks "having a hetero-normative campus is a good or bad thing."

Connolly said he would like to hear "what Dean McMahon sees as the current process for students who are transgendered, and would like co-ed rooms."