The Brunswick Police Department issued a summons to a Bowdoin junior for furnishing alcohol to a minor last Friday.

According to Lieutenant Mark Waltz of the Brunswick Police, officers periodically visit Hannaford to specifically watch for alcohol violations. On Friday night, Waltz and another officer became suspicious after they observed the 21-year-old student and a male sophomore enter the supermarket and exchange money.

Director of Safety and Security Randall Nichols said that the student purchased a 30-rack of beer and carried it to the sophomore's car in the parking lot. Waltz approached and questioned the two students and then issued the summons to the older student. The younger student was not charged.

"I was immediately notified by the officer," said Nichols.

When asked about the relationship between the Brunswick police and Bowdoin security, Waltz said that they "work together pretty closely," and Nichols agreed.

Just as police file reports on legal violations, so does Bowdoin Security. Nichols explained that in cases such as this, written reports are submitted to the Dean's Office. The Dean's Office then evaluates the situation and applies discipline as it sees fit.

"It's a little bit of a wake-up call whenever something like this happens," said Nichols.

According to Waltz, there are about six furnishing cases each year. Nichols hopes that underage students will take into account the legal jeopardy they put 21-year-old students in when they ask for alcohol.

"It's the person doing the buying that is at the greatest risk," said Nichols.

The student will face the charge in a district court in December.