There is no doubt that we are about to embark on one of the best weekends of the college year. When this article hits press, we will have already dressed up in ridiculous '80's gear for the Racer-X extravaganza and will be filled with excitement and anticipation for a weekend of BBQ's, friends, Talib, and Naughty by Nature.

Looking back on my four years of college, Ivies stands out as one of the most memorable parts of every year, and with sun and 60-degree weather predicted for this weekend, I have no doubt this year will live up to expectations.

As the new Ivies T-shirts so aptly state, this weekend is truly a marathon and not a sprint. To clarify for anyone who still hasn't caught on, Ivies is centered around long-term fun and slow drinking. While a 'sprint' of shots may seem fun at the time, this method typically leads to a quick end to the festivities, or worse.

Ivies is a drinking centered event, yet there are so many additional activities, that it is pointless to miss any of them because of poor decisions made in beverage selection. The following suggestions are broken down into times of day and are meant to give any newcomers to the game a better idea of how to pace themselves. Being beer based, they add a certain level of safety and moderation with the added benefit of eliminating any hard-alcohol policy violations.



I was first served this drink during spring break when I ordered a bloody mary early in the morning, only to be informed that tomato juice is not popular in Mexico.

Instead, I was served this mixture of light beer, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and lime juice poured into a glass with a salted rim. This drink provides the perfect morning fix, and clears any lingering headache (or sinus infection for that matter). Suggested food pairings: Eggs, celery, bacon.

Rusty Nail

The rusty nail is a cheap and equally satisfying twist of the mimosa, though there is certainly a somewhat less classy edge to this drink.

The recipe is simple. Choose a 40 ounce malt beverage of your choice, drink roughly one-third of its contents, fill the rest up with orange juice, mix thoroughly, and enjoy. Take care to savor it slowly; although this drink goes down smoother than a glass of milk, it hides a relatively high amount of alcohol quite well. Suggested food pairings: bagels, scones, leftover pizza.


As we enter the middle of the day, your pace becomes increasingly important, as does keeping yourself well-hydrated. Consequently, these drinks are of low alcohol content; make any of them with a light beer and you will be looking at somewhere between one and three percent abv, enough to have fun but keep you in the game well into the night.


A shanty is a refreshing afternoon drink perfect for basking in the sun on the Quad. A one-to-one mix of beer and lemonade, variations may include limeade, or even a strawberry lemonade for a walk on the wild side.

Red Eye

Adding a few ounces of tomato juice or V8 to your can of beer magically transforms it into this tasty alternative to straight brew.

During a weekend of grilling and less than perfect dietary choices, a mix of V8 and beer keeps your buzz and simultaneously provides two full servings of vegetables. Suggested food pairings: burgers, chips.


Congratulations, you made it.

At this point, I feel that standard beer is probably the best choice, with lots of water in between. After a day of experimenting with mixing it with exotic companions, straight beer will taste even better and undoubtedly carry you through a night of fun.

While this does mark the end of the 'marathon,' please don't try to sprint to the finish line; just look forward to the fact that you get to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. Suggested food pairings: late night pizza, nachos.

I truly hope you have a great Ivies, be it your first, last, or any one in between. Speaking from experience, although Security tends to overlook the smaller violations we may commit during Ivies, it is still a big weekend for them, too.

Please remember to be kind and respectful to them and they will do the same for you.

Keep it safe, I'll see you out there.