Bowdoin students say that the Dining Service's Honolulu Tofu is good, but is it good enough to win Bowdoin a slot among America's most vegan- and vegetarian-friendly colleges?

Maybe so, according to peta2, a student-specific branch of the world's largest animal rights group, PETA. Bowdoin is one of 40 colleges nominated by the organization to compete for the No. 1 ranking among vegan- and vegetarian-friendly colleges this year and is the only NESCAC school to have been selected.

According to Director of Dining and Bookstore Services Mary Lou Kennedy, the College makes a conscious effort to offer appealing vegan and vegetarian options at every meal.

"We constantly evaluate the acceptance of all our menu items and only keep items on the menu that have the greatest student appeal," Kennedy said.

"So, even though the items are listed as vegetarian and vegan, our goal is to make those recipes attractive to non-vegetarian students also. Using fresh, wholesome ingredients, especially produce from Bowdoin's organic gardens, helps to make that happen," she said.

In addition to Honolulu Tofu, Bowdoin's Vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake and Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Couscous also made peta2's list of tastiest animal-friendly options at Bowdoin.

Students looking to cast their vote can do so online at The winning school will be notified in December.