When students begin to pack up their dorm rooms for the summer, some may find furniture, school supplies, and un-opened toiletries and food that they simply cannot fit in the car to bring home.

Instead of tossing them out, Coordinator for Sustainable Bowdoin Keisha Payson urges students to donate all usable items to this year's "Give and Go" yard sale.

"Students are encouraged to place usable items in the boxes such as clothes, books, kitchen supplies, school supplies, sporting equipment, and games," Payson said.

"Larger items such as rugs, appliances, and furniture can be placed next to the box," she added.

Any food items will be donated to Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program's food pantry.

The item sale, which will take place in Dayton arena on June 8 and 9, has raised over $115,000 for local non-profits since its inaugural year in 2002.

The event used to be called "Dump and Run," but with the College handing over the organizational logistics directly to the non-profits this year, it was time for a new name.

"The College is a little worried that students won't get that the old 'Dump and Run' has a new name and we are hoping students will still participate in the program this year under it's new name, 'Give and Go,'" Payson said in an e-mail to the Orient.

Students interested in donating items should look for boxes placed in their dorms starting on May 10.