Dudley Coe Health Center will no longer dispense birth control pills or NuvaRings (vaginal contraceptive rings) to students due to an abrupt loss of contract with manufacturer Organon, according to this morning's student digest.

According to a December 2005 interview with former College Physician Jeff Benson, birth control was, by far, the most commonly prescribed medication at the health center.

Between September 2004 and December 2005, the health center distributed 3,288 packs of oral contraceptive pills, 972 Nuvarings, and 672 packs of Plan B (emergency contraception), said Benson in the 2005 interview.

According to the digest post, the College is "working with other schools in the state to try and create a consortium that might be able to negotiate better prices for birth control pills through buying in bulk."

Students looking to refill prescriptions should contact a member of the health center staff for a prescription, and then obtain the refill from a local pharmacy using their insurance's pharmacy benefit.

The quotes for a one-month supply of Desogen, Cyclessa, and the NuvaRing at CVS without a prescription plan are $50.99, $59.59, and $49.79, respectively.

Steve Kolowich contributed to this report.