Do you ever use paints and pipecleaners to help yourself study? If not, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs wants to show you how.

After a small turnout at last January's first annual "Reorientation," the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs has made fundamental changes to the event, which will take place on Saturday.

This year's event has a new name, Busting Out Bowdoin (B.O.B), and, unlike last year, will take place the first weekend after classes begin instead of the weekend before classes start.

Director of First Year Student Programs Stacey Jones, who is coordinating B.O.B., believes that last year's turnout of fewer than 40 students may have been a result of timing, the fact that students had to pre-register, and the conference style of the event.

"I'm hoping that not having to register will encourage people to drop by, even if they hadn't planned to," Jones said.

B.O.B. will be broken into four blocks of time between noon and 5 p.m. During each block, participants will be able to choose to attend one of three or four workshops.The workshops, which will be held in the Baldwin Center and Moulton Union, will cover a broad range of issues.

Dean of First Year Students Mary Pat McMahon will head a panel of recent graduates for the program "Life Beyond Your Job," while Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs Margaret Hazlett and her four-year-old daughter, Sarah Thayer, will lead the program "Silly Yoga for Stress Relief."

And yes, there is also a seminar titled "Paints, Post-its and Pipe Cleaners: Fun and Effective Non-Traditional Study Strategies," given by Bowdoin's academic mentors.

"It should be pretty exciting?a little bit of something for everybody," Jones said.

Jones described B.O.B as "low commitment" because students are not obligated to attend all four of the workshops.

"It's really designed so that students can make the best fit for themselves," Jones said.

Students who attend any one of the workshops will receive a ticket that will grant them entrance to the pub after the event where pizza and other refreshments will be provided.