Daniel Schuberth '06 has been elected the new vice chairman of the Maine Republican Party, making him the youngest vice chairman of a state chapter in the nation.

In the position, Schuberth will be responsible for fundraising and mobilization efforts. He says that he also plans to influence the state's economic situation by supporting businesses and efforts to lower taxes.

"The most important issue to me has always been creating a business climate in Maine that will allow more of our young people to stay here and raise families after they finish college," Schuberth said.

"Maine is currently the most overtaxed state in America, and this taxation creates an oppressive business climate that encourages businesses to leave Maine in search of better options," he said.

Schuberth has been involved in the Republican Party since high school, when he served as an intern in New Jersey for Doug Forrester, then a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Schuberth, elected on November 19 on the heals of controversy involving his criticism of U.S. Marine and Bowdoin student Alex Cornell du Houx '06, said that he plans to continue his involvement with the Republican Party and in Maine politics after his term as vice chairman ends in December 2006.

"I am excited to be able to stay in Maine, even though so many of my peers do not have the same option," Schuberth said.

"I plan on working every day to help elect Republican candidates until my term has ended. I certainly am looking forward to serving my country and my party for many more years to come," he said.

Several other Bowdoin students have recently found themselves more involved in state level organizations as well, as recently elected members of Maine College Democrats. Oliver Radwan '08 will serve a one-year term as co-president of the Maine College Democrats with Bree Dallinga '06, who will serve a six-month term as co-president. Brandon Mazer '08 has been elected to a one-year term as co-vice president, and Anya Trundy '06 has been elected to a six-month term as vice president. Frank Chi '07 will serve a one-year term as director of communications, Miranda Yaver '09 will serve a one-year term as director of programs, and David Thomson '08 will serve a one-year term as treasurer.