Baxter House and friends throughout the Bowdoin community raised $2,688 for the American Cancer Society by joining 19 other teams in the tenth annual "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk throughout residential Brunswick. Bowdoin's team, which consisted of 27 members, walked the three-mile course in pouring rain on Sunday to raise awareness about breast cancer research, detection, and treatment.

"The walk was great," Baxter resident and Team Captain Kiel McQueen '08 said. "[We raised] approximately 30 percent of the entire money raised for the Brunswick walk, and exactly $1,138 more than our projected goal."

Emilie McKenna '08 was the third leading fundraiser of the event, collecting over $550 to donate to the cause. McKenna raised the funds by emailing her mother, who forwarded the request to a few aunts and cousins.

"My Aunt Cindy actually had breast cancer and she was very generous in her donations along with the rest of my family members," she said.

Participation in the event was in response to Baxter's pledge to collectively focus on a specific cause this year as a house. After choosing cancer research as a focus, McQueen contacted Colleges Against Cancer, a group that provides schools with the opportunity to become affiliated with the American Cancer Society. Baxter House is now a sponsor of the organization, through their affiliation with the regional cancer society, according to McQueen.

Having just completed Sunday's walk, members of Baxter House plan to maintain their current level of enthusiastic awareness by continuing to sponsor events to benefit cancer research. According to McQueen, Baxter hopes to sponsor a campus-wide Relay for Life in the spring to raise awareness and funds. House members are also helping with the Great American Smokeout and Daffodil Days, during which community volunteers deliver yellow bouquets as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Britney Ogden '08 joined "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" last year after a friend learned about the event when volunteering at a hospice during her community service pre-orientation trip the previous year. She and three other Coleman residents walked last year without being part of an official Bowdoin team.

"There were a lot more Bowdoin students involved this year," Ogden said. "Despite the awful weather this year, it was still an event that the community was passionate about."

McQueen agreed that this event was one worth getting wet for.

"The most powerful moment of the walk was just meeting women who have been or are affected by breast cancer and realizing the sincerity and genuine appreciation they expressed toward the people who were participating," he said.

"It is powerful knowing that what students from Bowdoin did will help those in need get the care and support they deserve," he added.

Donna Muto from the American Cancer Society applauded Bowdoin's efforts at the event.

"We want to thank the Bowdoin college students who helped out?not only did they have a team but they helped clean up aftewards," she said.