A two-hour span on Ivies Weekend was a busy one for Security, with officers fending off assaults from town residents and working with the fire department to rescue a student caught in a tree.

Two trespassers assaulted two security officers Saturday morning around 1:00 a.m. An officer had approached one of the tresspassers earlier that night at Hyde Plaza, telling him to get off campus.

Because the man did not leave, Security approached him again. The officer noticed the man had an open alcohol container in his hand and was underage. The officer called for more officers to report to the incident and detained the person while waiting for the Brunswick Police Department to respond.

As the security officer reached to take the bottle out of the young man's hand, the man hit him. There was a scuffle, and another young man jumped on the back of the security officer and slammed him to the ground.

When two other officers who had reported to the incident approached him, he took off running. The officers caught up with him behind 83 Federal Street, where he assaulted another officer.

According to Director of Security Bruce Boucher, the Brunswick Police Department arrived and arrested the two young men. However, another young man interfered with the arrest. The police arrested him as well.

The officers did not use any chemical spray or any other devices to control the young men.

None of the suspects were Bowdoin students. Two of the men were from Brunswick and the other was from Portland.

The injured security officers were taken to the hospital, treated, and released. They are now in good condition, according to Boucher.

In an unrelated situation, Security had to call the Bowdoin Fire Department to help a student out of a tree.

Less than an hour before the assault incident, a student approached two security officers at Farley Field House to tell them that another Bowdoin student was pinned in a tree behind the artificial turf field.

The officers arrived at the scene to find that the student's leg was pinned between two tree trunks. The officers tried to pull him out but were unsuccessful.

Security called the Brunswick Fire Department, which responded and used the Jaws of Life to free the student from the tree.

When the Fire Department released the student, he refused medical treatment and walked away, Boucher said.

The student did not tell officers how he got in the tree or how long he had been there.