Did you know you could work as a student manager in the Rock Band Studio? Perhaps you’re more interested in being a Student Steward at Thorne.

The Student Employment Office has a number of positions it needs to fill. And, according to Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment Sarah Paul, now is definitely the time to fill out an application. In August there were 33 jobs posted with 103 position openings. This month, there were 32 new jobs posted (as of September 10), with 132 openings. 

So far this semester, 1,355 hires have been made. However, this figure does not represent individual student workers, but the number of positions filled, since some students work multiple jobs. 

One hundred and one first year students have been hired so far this semester. That number will continue to grow as more members of the Class of 2018 file the necessary employment paperwork. 

The average wage for students hired for fall 2014 is $8.60 per hour.