On Sunday March 30, Robert Carroll, a transient with theft convictions was arrested on a “probation hold.”

Carroll has been seen going through unlocked vehicles near campus in recent weeks. The Brunswick Police Department (BPD) believes he has been living in a shed on McLellan Street without permission.

Three unlocked vehicles belonging to Bowdoin students and staff entered and rummaged through on March 14 and 29 at Pine Street Apartments and Whittier Field. There may be a connection between Carroll and these events.

The Office of Safety and Security has been working closely with BPD on these security issues.

Although there were no witnesses to the three alleged theft attempts on campus, BPD has spoken to witnesses who allege that Carroll has made similar attempts in neighborhoods near campus.

“Some of that activity was in proximity to these three instances on campus. So he’s certainly what I would personally consider a suspect or a person of interest in those three vehicle break-ins,” said Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols.

“He may not be the person responsible, but there are indications that lead me to believe that he poses a potential threat, at least for theft, on campus,” said Nichols.

Carroll will be held at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland for the immediate future, and will be served with a trespass order barring him from all Bowdoin property upon his release.

“If he is even just seen on Bowdoin property, he will be arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.  I think that’s going to be a productive step,” said Nichols.

Carroll may also have been involved in a break-in at Brunswick Apartments on March 23.

“There are physical similarities to the suspect that was seen there that night. But that has not been proven and certainly we don’t have a positive ID on the burglary suspect at this point,” said Nichols.

Nichols said that students, faculty and staff should keep their vehicles properly secured. The cars broken into were all left unlocked by their owners.