Harriet Fisher 
Dearest Polar Bears,
My name is Harriet, and I would be honored to serve as your Bowdoin Student Government President. I am confident that my wide range of experience as an At-Large Representative, Chair of the Student Organizations Oversight Committee and  a member of the Executive Team, the Student Activities Funding Committee and the 2017 Class Council would serve me well. In addition, I have experience as Reed House’s Communications Director, a Student Fellow for the Student Activities Office and as a Student Director at the Women’s Resource Center. 
​I am running for President because I want to ensure the BSG remains a space for discussion and debate on our campus. I am committed to institutionalizing public comment time, overhauling the At-Large representative system, increasing communication between the BSG and students, working to put syllabi online and consider changes to break schedule, among many other reforms. Most importantly, I want to make sure all students can use BSG as mechanism to bring their ideas to fruition. Also, Spring Gala shouldn’t be the only time we get to see everyone all dolled up! I would be honored to have you vote and to work to make your voice heard loud and clear next year. 
Are you #readyforHarriet?

Justin Pearson
This has been a challenging year for us. I believe student government can work to strengthen our campus community. BSG must work to include, represent and elicit a diverse set of opinions and beliefs regarding policy decisions. I want to be sure your voice, your opinion and ideas matter. The BSG must help to build a safer campus to discuss differences and to have challenging conversations. This year has shown an increased need to promote safety. I intend to work with the Office of Gender Violence Prevention & Education to create safe environment here on campus, as well as work with BPD and Brunswick Downtown Association to build connections toward increased safety from physical and verbal attacks. The core of my job will involve listening to your concerns, whether they involve having changes to the academic calendar or regarding punishments for themed parties. The work that lies ahead requires ALL of us to engage in community building. This responsibility cannot fall solely on the shoulders of one minority group, of one sports team, or even of one BSG President. We are all responsible for improving Bowdoin and I hope to help facilitate this process.  Facebook: Pearson for BSG President Campaign HQ: (571) 275-9869​

VP for Student Gov’t Affairs
Reed Fernandez
Hello Everyone!
My name is Reed Fernandez ‘17 and I am running for VP of BSG Affairs. This year, I served as the Class of 2017 Representative to the BSG. Through this position, I sat on the BSG Assembly, Class Council and the Student Organizations Committee. Additionally, I am an Assistant Head Tour Guide in Admissions, co-founded my own club (Bowdoin Political Union) and was the President of Quinby House last year.
The BSG has many resources at its disposal that I would utilize in multiple ways. First, I would maintain the role BSG has taken this year as a legitimate and respectful forum for discussion—especially related to race. Second, I would use my role as a leader of Bowdoin Political Union to ensure all students’ opinions, from the most liberal to the most conservative, are valued and heard. Third, I would increase the amount of mental health discussion on campus. This goal could be accomplished by working with existing campus groups and reforming Mental Health Week. Lastly, I would work with the VP of Academic Affairs to investigate the possibility of science students getting credit for their time in lab. Thank you very much for your consideration!​

Jacob Russell 
EVER THINK BSG DOESN’T DO ANYTHING? Before serving as the Inter-House Council Representative this year, I did. However, after serving on BSG this year, I have become aware of the immense opportunities BSG represents.
The moment when I first truly understood the positive change BSG can affect was last semester after the assaults that affected so many students on campus. I felt, along with many other students, that the administration could do more to openly support students and promote student safety. To respond to these concerns I submitted a proposal with the help of colleges houses and the facilities committee to get increased campus lighting, student parking and saferide hours, as well as to have Randy Nichols and the head of facilities come before the BSG general assembly and discuss how we could work together to make Bowdoin safer.
If elected, I will continue to actively represent the student body on a variety of issues. I will create permanent working groups to discuss and program around gender violence prevention, race and class and diversity of thought and opinion. Additionally, I hope to expand BSG public comment time to allow all of the student voices to be heard.

VP for Student Affairs
​Maurice Asare
Hello! My name is Maurice Asare, and I am running to be your Vice-President of Student Affairs. The significance of this position to me, is centered around my desire to reconstitute a sense of unity throughout our campus by promoting our differences, as well as fostering discourse within various centers of student life. Although I lack BSG experience, my lack of participation does not correlate with my leadership ability. In fact, I think that this is an opportunity as an outsider for me to take initiative and bring in fresh eyes. Alongside many of my ideas to establish a “direct-link” between the BSG and students, I hope to sustain the current programs as well as start new programs that will bring together groups of different-minded people. Coming from a city that finds unity in the sensitive topics and differing viewpoints that now divide our campus has taught me the significance in proactive discourse amongst our community, one which strays away from what has happened and instead focuses on what can be done. I would like to stimulate inclusive conversations and enable the BSG to be a more active voice that seeks to maintain a very intimate relationship with the students at Bowdoin. I would also like to be your Vice-President of Student Affairs. #FeelTheMO

Jodi Kraushar
Hello! My name is Jodi and I’m excited to announce that I’m running for VP for Student Affairs. Having been an involved member of Bowdoin’s campus for over two and a half years, I believe that I have the experience and knowledge necessary to make me the best candidate. As the Programming Director of MacMillan House and the Vice President of the Inter-House Council, I already have a lot of event planning skills under my belt—including the storytelling series Polar Bear Tales, a cultural appropriation discussion and a screening of Transparent with a faculty panel.
As VP for Student Affairs, I will push for programs that are not only engaging and entertaining, but also inclusive and thoughtful. This means expanding on current BSG initiatives like No Hate November and helping establish stronger connections to student organizations like the Center for Multicultural Life, The Women’s Resource Center, Peer Health and Residential Life, to name a few. Being at Bowdoin is a unique opportunity for students to have access to funds, networks and an advising system like no other and I want to make sure that all of these resources are utilized most effectively. As VP for Student Affairs I will work to ensure that students can get the most out of their time here.

Ben Painter
I have the passion, commitment and experience in order to succeed in this position. This year, while serving as an At-Large Representative, I established myself as a leader on the BSG and in the Student Affairs Committee itself. In BSG meetings, I am not afraid to speak my mind, even if it goes against the grain.  As a member of the Student Affairs Committee this year, I played an essential part in planning No Hate November, including the “We Stand Together” photo campaign, which I photographed. I successfully put on a rap concert in Ladd and I was responsible for the planning and execution of that event from start to finish.  Additionally, I am currently being trained as a leader of the outing club and look forward using the group leadership skills gained in the outdoors in the context of the BSG.
When I have an idea, I see it through.  When I speak in BSG assembly meetings, people listen.  I have proved myself as committed to the BSG and this community at large.  I am ready for this position, and I hope to use this title to continue to strengthen Bowdoin’s community. Vote BP for VP of Student Affairs! 

VP for Academic Affairs
Jack Arnholz
I would be honored to serve as VP of Academic Affairs. This year I have been the 2019 Class Representative, serving on the BSG General Assembly, Class Council and Academic Affairs Committee. On Academic Affairs, I have investigated extending Thanksgiving Break and spearheaded “Get a Meal With Your Professor Week” and Food for Thought. Through Class Council, I helped plan an identity facilitation, the Freshman Fall Festival and the Freshmen-Sophomore semi-formal. While Bowdoin is an academic leader, several systems need changing:
Thanksgiving break should be extended to a week. Currently, it prevents many students from returning home, discriminating against students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and students who live far from Maine.
The Credit/D/Fail deadline should also be extended until most professors have returned assessments.
The advising system needs revamping through encouraging in-person check-ins such as lunches or coffee.
BSG should implement a one to two round ranked choice system in order to shorten the registration process. Polaris is slow and crashes often. BSG should investigate alternatives or try to improve it.
Chegg also needs to go. Chegg tries to present itself as an upgrade, but it overprices books that arrive late.

Evelyn Sanchez Gonzalez 
Hello, my name is Evelyn Sanchez Gonzalez and I am excited to run for Vice President of Academic Affairs!
My open platform includes expanding and creating more practical and culturally relevant courses. I am inspired to run after seeing how we can work to make our education more relevant to us by benefiting more from courses that can make us more competent as human beings and professionals. Though these two points interest me the most, there are other problems to tackle, such as more transparency from academic affairs in course information and the relationship between our mental health and a rigorous course load.
I have been actively involved on campus as a Peer Health Mentor, Intergroup Dialogue member, Student Intern for the Multicultural Center and Mellon Mays Researcher. Here, I have worked with BSG representatives, student organization leaders, College House leadership, Deans and Faculty members—all who have helped me develop leadership skills and even more passion necessary to fulfill our academic needs. With the support of your vote, I am hoping to put into practice the desire that many of us share: to create a campus that can understand each other and the world.

VP for Student Organizations
Arindam Jurakhan
Hello everyone! I am driven and excited to run for the Vice President for Student Organizations because I have a lot of experience that deals with both BSG and student organizations as a whole. In terms of BSG, I have been the Entertainment Board Representative for the past two years. In addition to experience I have gained from sitting on the assembly, I have been able to make meaningful contributions on the Student Organizations Oversight Committee (SOOC), which would be the committee I would chair if elected. I believe that I have learned the intricacies of the processes and developed relationships with administration to lead effectively. Being a club leader and participating in many clubs on campus, I have found that the most important quality about student organizations is that it gives a voice and space to a community of people who can all find happiness and/or fulfillment in a common activity. Being a part of the SOOC and helping groups of people obtain the tools necessary to do that activity has been incredibly rewarding. To take on more responsibility in the BSG and simultaneously serve the Bowdoin community would be an honor. I hope that I can count on your vote!

Kelsey Scarlett
Hi, I am Kelsey Scarlett and I am running for the VP for Student Organizations.
I want to be the VP for Student Organizations because I want to be a part of the process of upholding and maintaining the organizations that have left a mark on me and many others. While simultaneously being a part of the creation of new student organizations, I want to see a club in its most fundamental form and watch them grow into reality.
I don’t claim to have BSG experience, because I don’t. Nor do I see my inexperience as a weakness. But I do see myself as a leader and that is something I can wholeheartedly claim. I lead as a Head RA on ResLife and will be a Head Proctor next year. Being a Head RA my first year on ResLife highlights my ability to jump into a leadership position. Additionally, I sit on the Advisory Committee for Diverse Community and the trustee committee for Multicultural Affairs which both act to advise offices in charge of supporting the diverse identities on matters pertaining to the academic and social experience of students, faculty and staff. Please vote Kelsey for VP of Student Organizations!

 VP for Facilities
Carlie Rutan
My name is Carlie Rutan and I am excited to be running for the VP for Facilities and Sustainability.  This year as an At-Large Representative for BSG I served on the Student Affairs Committee.  This committee brought the campus No-Hate November, the Uncommon Hour Lecture Series and The Good Ideas Fund.  I am proud of what we accomplished this year, but I believe that the BSG can continue to grow in the ways that we serve and listen to students on campus.   If elected to this position, I have many ideas that I would like to pursue, including extending Bowdoin shuttle service hours and availability, improving the lighting around campus and the safety around off-campus housing, reducing the excessive use of paper on campus and promoting the underutilized Green programs at Bowdoin.  I am particularly interested in this position as it would be another platform to promote Green Initiatives on the Bowdoin Campus.  As an Eco-Rep this year, I have loved educating others and myself on sustainable living.  To show my dedication to sustainability, I am running a PAPER FREE campaign.   Thank you all for your time, and I hope that I can count on your vote!

 VP for the Treasury
Irfan Alam
I have been on both sides of the table; this year I sat on the SAFC as an At-Large Representative and before that, I was the club treasurer for Bowdoin Mock Trial, MSA and the Bowdoin Consulting Group. So I know how it feels to submit your budget, come into a sometimes daunting room of SAFC members mysteriously looking at their laptops, pitch your budget and then wait for your Wednesday night allocation email. And after this year, I now also know how it feels to be on the receiving end of things.
Being on the SAFC this year has been a great learning experience and while difficult at some times to weigh our financial capabilities, my voting record shows that I am committed to working with clubs to try to fully fund their endeavors in order to make Bowdoin a vibrant community. With this combined experience of being a treasurer, making me empathetic to club programming and having sat on the SAFC this year, giving me necessary budgeting experience, I’m confident that I can lead the SAFC in a financially successful way that fully promotes our student organizations.

David Berlin
I am running for VP of the Treasury because of how I’ve enjoyed my time this past year as an At-Large Representative to the Student Activities Funding Committee and want to lead this committee next year.
The SAFC is more powerful than I think most people realize; the members are able to selectively give funds to certain events, and in doing so, have a large stake in forming the campus culture and environment. It’s extremely important to fund events that represent the diversity of the Bowdoin community and as VP of the Treasury, I intend to stay extremely cognizant of this fact.
While I will only be a sophomore come my tenure on the executive committee, I already have a great deal of experience on the SAFC and know that my relatively young age will in no way impede my leadership.