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The Bowdoin Orient encourages its readers to submit thoughtful and relevant comments on its stories. Our goal is to provide a space for considerate discussion, civil debate and informed commentary.

The Orient strongly encourages commenters to use their real names, or at the very least, a relevant descriptor (i.e. class of '92, parent, sophomore, etc.). Commenters should not misrepresent themselves by using someone else's name; if this is discovered, the comment will be removed.

When a comment is submitted, the name and email address provided are made available to the Orient. This information is never shared nor made public.

Comments are moderated by a small team of Orient editors and they will not appear on the site immediately. Comments will be approved if they are relevant and contribute to a thoughtful discussion of the article.

Comments will not be approved if:

  • They contain hate speech (including speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation).
  • They contain obscene, suggestive, vulgar, profane (including insinuated profanity using dashes or asterisks), threatening, disrespectful, defamatory or libelous language.
  • They do not relate to the article (including spam, commercial promotion and incoherence).
  • They are written by a commenter who continually comments on the same story without adding anything new to the discussion.
  • They include personal attacks on reporters
  • They are longer than 200 words. If you feel strongly about an issue, we recommend submitting a full Op-Ed or a Letter to the Editor.
  • They only point out factual or spelling errors. Comments pointing out errors are appreciated but will not be posted online. Instead, please send corrections to

The Orient strives to be as consistent as possible in moderation, but final judgements are the subjective decision of the moderators. The Orient reserves the right to reject or delete any comment, or disable commenting, for any reason. Due to the high volume of comments, the Orient may not be able to respond to inquiries related to specific moderation decisions.

Commenting may be disabled on high-profile stories that attract spam comments. Additionally, the Orient reserves the right to disable commenting on an article that is no longer topical or that was published more than four years ago.

Once submitted, comments become the property of the Bowdoin Orient. They may be published in print using the name attached to the comment. If a real name is used, the commenter will be contacted to confirm his or her identity before the comment is published in print.

The views expressed in comments are solely those of the commenter. They are not endorsed or promoted by the Bowdoin Orient or Bowdoin College.