How did you first get involved in WBOR?
I heard about WBOR early on and coming to Bowdoin I knew I wanted to get involved and have my own show. After that, I was hooked. I have been involved with the show since my first semester freshman year at Bowdoin.
Why did you name the show Bowdoin Blues?
I was influenced by the House of Blues radio hour, which is the XM show that Dan Aykroyd runs. I wanted to do a show like that, and they both happened to start with “B.”
Are you involved in other music endeavors here?
I am a double major in music and German so I do a lot of music at Bowdoin. I try to keep my show and my music classes separate. My show is the Bowdoin Blues and I focus more on blues, jazz, rock and roll and soul, which is pretty separate from my a cappella group and the chamber choir.
Do you play music based on the preferences of your listeners or your own tastes?
I go with my own gut mostly. I have gotten requests two or three times, in which case I just had to go running around searching for the song they wanted to hear in order to play it. That turned out well. I hope they were happy!
Has Bowdoin Blues been a one-man show from the start?
It has always been just me. I like having callers and I am glad someone is listening. If you are listening, I hope you enjoy it.
If you could only listen to one song on loop, what would it be?
John Cage’s “4’33”.” It is just complete silence, so it would not get too repetitive.
Which musician would you want to be for a day?
Questlove. He earns so much respect yet always stays true to his own artistic sense. I could learn a lot from how he works.
What have been some of your favorite music experiences at or around Bowdoin?
The power of the Roomful of Teeth concert last semester was life-changing, and I enjoyed sharing a few words with The Antlers and Surfer Blood when they played here a few years back. But as a Meddiebempster, nothing beats our seventy-fifth reunion during my sophomore year. Meddies from the past seven decades came on stage to sing our standards together. I felt a part of something uniquely timeless.

Since you are in your senior year, what is the future of Bowdoin Blues?
I am actually staying here for one more semester, so Bowdoin Blues is going to keep on rocking. It is cheesy, I know.
What message do you hope to send to your listeners?
I mostly want to expose other people to this kind of music. Most of what I play ends up coming from the new shelf of the jazz and blues section. I end up playing a lot of local blues artists and jazz artists who are somewhat off the beaten path, someone people may not have heard about. If people are listening, I just say be open to those local or lesser known acts and know that I would rather give them the spotlight because they are just as good as something more mainstream.

Tune in to Bowdoin Blues with Haile every Monday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on WBOR 91.1 FM or stream the show online at

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