Does your show have a name?
Jackie Fickes: It did…But it’s kind of long and also not everyone got it.
Natalie Smid: Yeah, it was Sergeant Pepperflip’s Lonely Hearts Club Radio. But it was kind of hard to say, so right now we don’t have a name.
 JF: We thought it was kind of clever…Sergeant Pepperflip and the Lonely Hearts Club Radio with the Beatles reference, but it’s kind of a mouthful and we haven’t come up with anything better since then.
Tell me a little about your show. When did you start hosting?
JF: Fall of junior year.

Why did you decide to be become DJs?
NS: I think it’s my only opportunity to ever be on the radio and I wanted to do it with a friend who has awesome taste in music.
JF: I had just been meaning to do it forever, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it before. I really like music and I wanted to see what other people were listening to and playing.
What kind of music do you play?

JF: I like a lot of alternative rock. My all-time favorites are Belle and Sebastian, Modest Mouse, Rilo Kiley, the Smiths…We have kind of different taste, though, which is good.
NS: I like the XX a lot—Jackie doesn’t like them—The Shins, we play alt-J. We always agree on Gwen Stefani, though.
JF: Yeah, for the pump up.

What is your most played song on the show? 
 JF: I think the song we try to play every semester is “Don’t Speak” by Gwen Stefani.

What’s the song with the best lyrics?
NS: This is cheesy, but I love the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”.
JF: The best opening lyrics for me are this Rilo Kiley song called “Science vs. Romance” and the first line is “I used to think if I could realize I’d die, then I would be a lot nicer.” But I think I probably like some Belle and Sebastian [entire] lyrics better. There’s this song called “If She Wants Me” and I think in terms of a full song, that has the best lyrics.
What’s the song with the worst lyrics?
JF: Oh, that Meaghan Trainor song!
NS: “All About That Bass?”
JF: That is the worst; that is so bad.
NS: Hmm…that song “Rude” by Magic.
In your opinion, what was the best time in music history?
NS: The 90s.
JF: The 90s.
If you were on a sitcom, what song would play when you got into your bed at the end of the episode and the screen goes black?
NS: These are tough questions!
JF: Yeah, you should’ve sent us these beforehand because in the middle of the night I’m going to be in my bed like ‘THAT’S what I should’ve said!’
JF: If it were waking up in the morning, it would be Squeeze’s “Black Coffee in Bed.” Going to sleep it would be either The Smith’s “Asleep” or Neko Case’s “I Wish I Were the Moon Tonight.”
NS: “Nighttime” by the XX. Anything by the XX really.
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