For most, doodling represents absentminded gibberish. For Isaac Jaegerman ’16, it has always been a passion. 

“I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember,” Jaegerman said. “I was always doodling.”

Jaegerman, a visual arts major from Portland, Maine, decided in high school that he wanted to pursue art in college. It was not until he began classes at Bowdoin that he realized he wanted a degree in visual arts. Jaegerman’s portfolio includes drawings, paintings and printmaking. 
“I’ve found paintings to be the most intellectually intensive [art form] and I really enjoy [that] process,” he said. “But I have the most fun with printmaking.”

Jaegerman spent this past summer interning at Pickwick Press, a print studio in Portland. There, he was able to learn woodblock printing and use presses not available at Bowdoin.

Although Jaegerman said that there is not a consistent theme throughout his portfolio, most of his pieces fall into the genre of realism. 

“I’ve been most inspired by realism so far. Claudio Bravo is one of my favorite painters. I also did a copy of one of Richard Estes’ paintings just this year,” Jaegerman said. “It’s easy to fall back on realism, but I’m still trying to figure out what my style is.” 

Bowdoin’s art department is allowing Jaegerman to expand his artistic horizons. This semester, he is taking Landscape Painting with Associate Professor of Art James Mullen. He’s currently working on an oil-on-canvas painting of a forest setting. He’s also working on his own self-guided projects, as he is a teaching assistant for Printmaking and is always in the studio.

As for his creative process, Jaegerman sticks to a calculated, organized method. 

“I usually have a good sense of what I want my project to look like before I begin,” he said. “I move very logically, step-by-step. I work progressively from area to area. There’s a lot of planning involved.”

Jaegerman is a prominent artistic figure on campus. His art is featured both in the Visual Arts Center (VAC) and in the Robert H. and Blythe Bickel Edwards Center for Art and Dance. His panorama painting of the Quad is on display in the fishbowl in the VAC, and one of his landscape paintings hangs in Edwards. His work was also on display in Bowdoin Art Society’s fall show “340 Miles North.”

While Jaegerman’s pieces remain on display for the enjoyment of students, faculty and visitors alike, the artist himself will be taking his talents overseas. Next semester, Jaegerman will travel to Florence, Italy, where he will study etching, drawing and art history at SACI, the Studio Art Centers International.

This summer, following his semester abroad, Jaegerman will hike across Iceland with Adeline Browne ’16 and Matthew Goroff ’16, thanks to a fellowship from the Bowdoin Outing Club. Jaegerman is planning an independent study using photos from his Icelandic journey to create landscape paintings. 

“It’s exciting because I’ve never really done a series before,” he said. 

Jaegerman feels that the Bowdoin arts community has something special.

“You can go into Edwards at any time of night, like two or three in the morning, and there will be several people there working on their projects,” he said. “It’s really nice.”

Jaegerman’s multimedia portfolio can be accessed online through his Weebly account.