David A. Profit was chosen as the new associate director of safety and security from a pool of over 90 applicants. He will begin in his new position on November 24. 

This position was previously filled by Carol McAllister, who took a military leave of absence on assignment for the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in Washington, D.C. Before Profit was hired, the position had been vacant for 21 months.

Profit holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western New England University and a master’s degree in criminal justice administration from Anna Maria College.  He graduated from the FBI National Academy for law enforcement executives in 2007.  He has served with the Townsend, Massachusetts Police Department since 1984, and served as a deputy chief for the last 12 years.

“For me, it’s going to be a unique transition from [being a] police officer,” Profit said.  “I’m excited that I’ll be able to utilize my training experience over the last 34 years and maybe help bring some level of assistance to the College.”

Randy Nichols, director of safety and security, felt that Profit’s background and character will bring much to the position.

“He’s got a good varied background in law enforcement [that’s] not dissimilar to my own in many respects,” Nichols said.  “He’s very strong in community relations, which is something I feel is very important.”

Profit’s specialties also include police operations such as personnel management and accreditation. The accreditation process develops an organization’s (in this case Safety and Security’s) relationship with the community and its emergency preparedness, among other improvements. Profit, an accreditation manager in his current position, hopes his experience will help the College.

“[Accreditation] is a fairly lengthy process and it takes some time, but I’d love to be able to take on that challenge if the director tasks me with that,” Profit said.

Profit has also done extensive work with the Townsend school district, experience that Nichols thinks will be beneficial to emergency preparedness here at the College.

“In my opinion, [Safety and Security] are essentially the gatekeepers of the College, providing a safe learning environment for the kids that attend the school,” Profit said.  “It only makes sense that for folks to be able to learn, concentrate and be happy with what they do, they don’t want to be worrying about being safe.”

Though he does not start until the end of November, Profit, who will live in Boothbay Harbor, has already made some connections at the College.  Profit said that when interviewing for the position the staff made him feel “welcome and at home.”

“I’m hoping once I get there, I can reach out to the staff I’ll be working with to put our heads together and see if there’s anything we can do [to] make [Bowdoin] a better place to work or go to school,” Profit said. 

Nichols said he is excited to work and collaborate with Profit, not only because having an associate director will relieve Nichols of some of his increased workload since McAllister’s departure, but also because of their similar philosophies.

“I think [Profit is] going to work very well with me and fit into our operation [and] our philosophy here at Bowdoin,” Nichols said.  “At the same time, I think he’s going to bring fresh perspectives, which is always a good thing.  I’m very excited to have David come on board.”