What prompted you to create the show “No Dad Rock”?
Andrew Daniels: We had a show for two years called “Escalator Music.”
Greg Stasiw: The reasoning behind that name was that we played progressive rock and metal exclusively. We said, “This sure as hell isn't elevator music, so it must be escalator music!”
AD: But it was pretty defined.There was a lot of stuff we wanted to play that we thought didn’t really fit in that range so we wanted to expand our horizons this year. 

Where did the name for your show come from?
GS: If you can picture a middle-aged dude wearing a “Life is Good” t-shirt, flipping burgers and listening to a song, that’s “Dad Rock.” You know, Aerosmith, Steve Miller Band, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd. There’s nothing wrong with those, but of all music, I mind those the most.

Who do you think makes up your audience? Who do you hope listens to your show?
AD: Parents and close friends, I guess. We hope anyone who is in their car driving and happens to turn the radio to WBOR says, “Hey, this is kind of cool!”
GS: Our dads. To be honest, they’re the only ones who probably ever listen to the show. With the name and the theme this semester, we’re kind of risking alienating about 50% of our listener base.
AD: But we like to emphasize: we have nothing against dads. 

What’s the best part about having a radio show?
AD: It really gives you a chance to explore new music. 
GS: You’re forced to find new music, in a way. Our listeners would get very bored if we were always playing the same stuff over and over. And we would get bored too. Having a show every week forces us to explore music more. 

Are there any artists you've discovered through having the show?
AD: You’re more interested in trying to find new stuff to listen to because you know you’ll have to find stuff to play on the radio show.
GS: In terms of style, we’re both starting to get into more postrock and electronic music, which is fun. Both of us have always been explorers of music. Last year and the year before, on the radio show we’d play metal and prog rock but in our room we’d be blasting anything from Saint Pepsi to Stravinsky. But we had this task of sticking to this theme, so this year we’re just saying, “To heck with the theme.” You’re more creative when you have some kind of constraint, so that’s why we have the “No Dad Rock” thing. 

Who is your favorite musical artist?
AD: It would have to be Deafheaven, within the last year or so.
GS: The Antlers,  just going by play count on my iTunes.

What is your guilty pleasure song?
AD: “Nights on Broadway” by the Bee Gees. 
GS: I guess we could share that one. There would be a lot of Bee Gees happening in our room last year.

What has been your favorite concert experience?
AD: A concert we both went to: Voyager and Rhapsody of Fire. 
GS: Probably Explosions in the Sky. Instrumental post-rock, no lyrics, you just kind of stand there. It’s this weird trance experience. You have to make up your own story for the song, so I just decided to go through all my memories while they were playing—my whole life was the theme of music.
What is your least favorite band or genre?
AD: Country. If it comes up on Spotify on an advertisement, I’m like “I never listen to this stuff any way, why would they target me for a country advertisement?”
GS: If I have to be truthful about a least favorite band, it would fall under “Dad Rock”: Aerosmith. Something about Aerosmith just really turns me off.

What music do you like to study to?
AD. Post-rock.
GS: My Chemical Romance.

What are your majors?
AD: Math and Computer Science double major.
GS: Anthropology major with a Japanese minor. 

If you could hang out with one famous musician, who would it be?
AD: I’d probably say Frank Zappa. He definitely seems like a character. 
GS: David Bowie. Just ’cause he’s amazing. He just seems like a character I want to know. 

Tune in to “No Dad Rock” with Daniels and Stasiw every Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. on WBOR 91.1 FM or stream online at wbor.org.

Editor’s Note: Daniels is the Web Developer for the Orient.