To the Editors:

Many women at Bowdoin are active in exploring and affirming what it means to identify as women because we are invested in gender issues, not because we have a living room to do it in. While I, too, want more of my male classmates to get involved in dismantling the patriarchy, I would call for a cultural change rather than an institutional change. I don’t see many Bowdoin men involved in existing programs that confront issues around gender and sexuality. Why are there so few men in Safe Space? And where are all the guys in my gender and women’s studies and gay and lesbian studies classes?

I don’t want a separate Men’s Resource Center. Not because “everything is your resource,” but because no one should conceive of topics around masculinity as distinct from (or worse, not implicated in) women’s issues or LGBT issues or sexual and gender violence. If it feels uncomfortable to enter 24 College because it has signs for the Women’s Resource Center and the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, know that it’s not because you’re not welcome. I would encourage you to examine and confront that uncomfortable feeling of privilege before you start tackling the patriarchy.

Oriana Farnham ’15