Many upperclassmen with cars on campus have abided by the new student parking restrictions with frustration over the past week. Now that Bow- doin has reserved College House lots for faculty, staff and visitors, and the Town of Brunswick has designated all of Park Row as two-hour parking, students have mini- mal access to any central parking locations on campus. The administration’s “park once” philosophy—suggested by an independent parking consultant in 2012—encourages drivers to park at the beginning of the day and not use their vehicles again until leaving in the evening.

The new restrictions require most students with cars on campus to park in the Farley Field House and Watson Arena lots for extended periods of time. For some students driving from off-campus houses, that means walking a distance that is al- most equivalent to their original commutes. But while new restrictions may be espe- cially inconvenient for those who drive frequently, they are necessary steps toward improving the experience of all those who share Bowdoin’s limited space.

The College regularly attracts visitors for whom it must provide convenient parking. Both the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and the Peary-Macmillan Arctic Museum draw tourists, and prospective applicants and their families can be seen wandering campus throughout the year. It is worth sacrificing some parking con- veniences to ensure that these guests have easy access to all that our campus has to offer. We may not have the same degree of mobility that we used to, but with a main campus that is less than a mile in diameter, students do not need to have constant access to their vehicles.

This editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which is comprised of Garrett Casey, Ron Cervantes, Natalie Kass-Kaufman, Sam Miller, Leo Shaw, and Kate Witteman.