The musical experiences Louis Weeks ’11 had at Bowdoin have helped him navigate a dual career as a singer-songwriter and commercial music composer in Washington, D.C.

Weeks writes music for television shows, films and video games while simultaneously producing two of his own records.

Weeks, who majored in music, had a relatively smooth transition from Bowdoin to the professional music world.

“I am lucky...that my previous portfolio and body of work made me qualified,” said Weeks in a phone interview with the Orient. “I found out pretty quickly that I needed to learn a lot of new skills, but for the most part I transitioned seamlessly from Bowdoin.”
Weeks said that the academic music experiences he had at Bowdoin have helped him with his current work, and gave him a solid education that has aided with his client interactions.

“The music department gave me an extremely practical and valuable education in not only writing music, but talking about music, listening to music and communicating music to other people,” said Weeks.

In his work, this education has become so important because Weeks has to talk to clients every day about what they want out of his music.

“I have to have a really good sense of what they are hearing and my education at Bowdoin particularly got me ready for composing music as a means of communication,” said Weeks.

Weeks was also a part of the Meddiebempsters while at Bowdoin.

“Being in the Meddies made me a much better singer and arranger and solidified my love of vocal music, which is what I do when I am not composing,” said Weeks.

He debuted a full-length record in January called "shift/away" and is currently working on his second album, “haha."

Weeks uses most of his free time to work on new recordings and compositions.

“I basically live in the studio,” said Weeks. “Any free time I get, I am working on either new recordings or new pieces.”

Thus far, Weeks has really tried to take on projects that interest him, and he said it is difficult for him to pick a favorite. In all his projects, he works to combine the various skills he’s honed in previous musical roles.

“I want my work to mix composed music that I learned how to write at Bowdoin with the recordings and songwriting that I have done over the past few years,” he said. “I want to create a conversation between those two things.”