West Coast rapper MURS will perform in a concert sponsored by WBOR in Smith Union on Saturday at 9 p.m. There will be two opening student acts, The DFP which features seniors David Phipps, Andrew Roseman, Sam Roberts and Tom Keefe, and rap artist KiLiK MkfLy & Tha 5 PiLLarZ.

MURS has been making music since the late ’90s as part of the underground scene in California. WBOR Hip-Hop Director Rachel Sege ’14 says that MURS has “a funky and fun sound.” 

MURS will be “the biggest hip-hop name that we have brought to campus during my time here,” said Sege.

She added that featuring a hip-hop performer is a bit of a novelty, since WBOR has brought mostly indie rock or electronic groups in recent years. 

Ryan Strange ’17 said that he will be attending the concert. 

“You don’t need a big, well-known person to come here to have a good time,” said Strange. “You can have a really good smaller act who will know how to perform and will hype up everyone.” 

However, some students are uninterested in these smaller name acts.

“I don’t know who MURS is; I’ve never heard of him,” said Eben Kopp ’17.

WBOR has a much smaller budget than the Entertainment Board has for Ivies. According to Bowdoin Student Government’s club funding website, WBOR received $32,511 in total budget for the 2013-2014 year, a number which fluctuates annually and goes towards the radio station’s various projects throughout the year. 

“Our goal is to bring acts that will be popular on campus and popular for people who listen to different music than what Ivies brings,” said Sege.