In honor of this year’s Date-apalooza, the Bowdoin Orient and the Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevent (ASAP) present: “It’s a date!” This two-time feature will detail the hilarious, awkward and romantic experience of two Bowdoin students who agree to be set up on a blind dinner date. These Bowdoin students might not find true love, but they might just find out that dating isn’t nearly as terrifying as it seems. Kicking it off are Josh Friedman ’15 and Becky Krakora ’14, who met Monday night at Brunswick’s Little Tokyo and made some connections over delicious sushi.
What’s the most interesting thing you learned about your date?
JF: Hearing about her abroad semester in London and how she got to go to all these different places in Europe. It sounded really cool. It made me a little jealous.
BK: Josh is a twin! I did not know he had a fraternal twin brother.
What was the best part of your date?
JF: It’s super easy to talk to her because she’s such a nice person.
BK: I think my favorite part was getting to know more about Josh! I learned a little bit about his family, his interests, stuff like that. 

If you were studying with your date, and they asked you to fetch them a snack, what would you bring them?
JF: I’d bring her a cookie from the café, because they’re really soft. Soft cookies are the best.
BK: At least from our date, I think I’d have to bring him dumplings. He said he always gets the same exact thing [at Little Tokyo]. He gets the dumplings as an appetizer.

If you had to guess your date’s spirit animal, what would it be?

BK: Maybe a falcon… Don’t ask me why. He’s nice, chivalrous and outgoing.
JF: An arctic wolf. I wish it were mine. She’s pretty mindful of everything that’s happening and has a lot of wisdom to share with people. She’s sweet, thoughtful and genuine.

 Who would play your date in the biopic of their life?
BK: I would say Ben Affleck. They’re both pretty smooth. He was very polite. He picked up the tab.
JF: Reese Witherspoon, because Reese Witherspoon is a successful actress and I think Becky is going to be successful in life.
If you were to go on a follow-up date, where would you go?
JF: Henry and Marty because she’s never been there.
BK: I really want to go to Henry and Marty. Josh mentioned that he liked it too. I’ve never been there so I think that would be good.
What’s your date’s favorite time of year?
BK: I bet that Josh is a spring person. I can see him going on bike rides and picking flowers.
JF: I feel like it would be the first snowfall of the year because I feel like she and her friends would want to make a huge snowman.
If you had to make two people at Bowdoin go on a blind date, who would you set up?

 JF: Jerrod Dobkin ’15 and the women’s soccer team [laughs].
BK: I think I would like to set up a blind date between Joe Russo ’14 and Louise Johnson ’14 because Joe is hilarious and Louise is my funniest friend.

What was the most memorable moment about the date?

JF: I heard from a third party that Becky doesn’t think I eat very much, but that’s because I was trying to stay within my budget [laughs].

Since going on this date, has your outlook on dating at Bowdoin changed?

BK: People should definitely date more often. 
JF: I’ve gotten more reassurance that it’s simple. People tend to be afraid to ask people on dates because their friends would find out instantly. That’s something I’m not going to worry about so much anymore.