To the Editors:

We have known Alison Harris for quite a few years and enjoy her company very much. Alison is smart, friendly, encouraging, positive and likes to know the “whole story.” These are just a few of her qualities that will make her a great representative for town council. She loves getting all the facts, asking questions, and then putting everything together to get the best end result for all people involved. She is an independent thinker who looks for the best of the whole, as opposed to one narrow viewpoint.

Alison has great organizational and time management skills that will be valuable on the town council to deal with the many issues and activities that come before them. She loves Brunswick and shares that love with all that meet her, from the folks in her neighborhood, to the Brunswick Visitor Center and even to the town of Topsham.

It is very exciting to have Alison run as our representative. She will help to get things done efficiently, positively and for the best interest of all involved. Thanks for allowing us to share our thoughts.

Lori & Art Boulay
Brunswick, Maine