To the Editors:
As many of you know, Bowdoin’s 15th Annual Common Good Day is fast approaching! Next Saturday, September 28, hundreds of Bowdoin students will be participating in dozens of daylong service projects throughout mid-coast Maine. As many of you may have also realized, group registration has closed and only individual sign-ups remain open. But does that mean you should scrap the idea and wait until next year? Absolutely not.

“Individual sign-ups” is misleading. No one will be volunteering as an individual. In reality, individuals will be working in groups of other individuals, allowing participants to meet new people while exploring a local project. These types of experiences have tremendous value, as they allow you to connect with other like-minded individuals who are also looking to develop new relationships during their volunteering stint. 

Common Good Day is also a very unique event that mobilizes both Bowdoin students and alumni all over the country to put aside school and work commitments for a day and dedicate themselves to serving their communities. 

The spirit of the event is both energizing and inspiring and serves as an excellent reminder of one of the founding values of Bowdoin. So, don’t wait until next year! There are plenty of spots available. Sign up as an individual at 

Robbie Harrison 14
Common Good Day Fellow